Katanagatari, like most anime, originated from a form of writing. This writing can be in many forms such as manga or a light novel series. In this case, it is a light novel series written by Nisio Isin and illustrated or drawn by Take. Its anime adaptation, made by White Fox, began airing on January of 2010. It consists of 12 episodes and they had a very unique way of presenting thei anime. I say that had an interesting approach to their presentation because the 12 episodes of the season were dispersed into the 12 months in a year, with each episode having a running time of 50 minutes.

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This story revolves around the collection of twelve weapons that were made by a legendary sword smith named Kiki Shikizaki.  A man named Yasuri Shichika, who is the seventh head of the Kyotouryuu School of fighting and who fights without a sword despite being a swordsman, is requested by a strategist named Togame to collect the said swords for the shogunnate. Yasuri accepts and begins their quest to search for the deviant blades. Each is unique and has its own special ability. I’d like to tell about all twelve but I think that’d be too much of a spoiler for those who are interested in watching it for themselves. This being the case, I’ll just give you guys an overview of first 3 blades, at least. The first of the twelve is the Kanna or the Absolute sword. Koumori Maniwa held this blade and its power lies in its ability to never bend or break. The second blade is the Namakura or the Beheading Sword. The power of this sword is its ability to cut through anything, as it’s name suggests. This blade was in the possession of Ginkaku when Togame and Yasuri found its whereabouts. The third is the Tsurugi or the thousand swords. This sword literally comprises of 1000 swords, with the very first copy being the original and the following 999 being mimics. Its power lies in its number in a way that it overwhelms the recipient of the attack. It was in the possession of a man named Meisai Tsuruga.

If those blades made you curious or more intrigued about this anime, wait until you reach the last blades. I find it very entertaining because if you’d noticed, this anime has 12 episodes aired within the span of 12 months and each episode is allotted for the story and collection of 1 blade. This means that there will hardly be fillers or a dull episode. Definitely a must watch for me!

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Steins;Gate, or Shutainzu Geto, is different from most anime because this series did not originate from manga. This anime came from something you would call a visual novel. For those who don’t know what a visual novel is, it’s an interactive fiction game that practically shows the same story you’d see in manga except they used a gamer’s approach the story is revealed to you.  Its visual novel was created in 2009 and it’s anime series started in 2011.

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The storyline in the anime focuses on Okabe Rintarou who is a university student that realizes that he and his friend’s experiment with a cellular telephone they microwaved actually led then to send a message back in time.  This epiphany happened when Rintarou sees a body of a lady in a pool of blood and he sends a text to a friend about what he saw. Upon sending it, he gets warped back in time to see the dead lady alive after all. It soon hits him that he was sent back a week before the girl had died. Because of this event, the timeline gets all messy and this is where the drama of this anime begins. This anime mixes adventure, comedy, drama, romance, mystery, and science fiction all in one anime. Feed back from others who have watched and loved what they saw say that it really makes you want to relate and connect to each and every character. It is for this reason that when twists in the end of episodes, twists in the fate of those beloved characters happen, the audience feels and reacts with more emotion. It’s heavy when it’s meant to be a heavy scene to take and it’s funny when it’s suppose to be funny. One episode is able to make you feel a spectrum of emotions. Some would even describe it as a roller coaster of emotion.


I’d say it’s definitely a must-see for all you crime scene investigation lovers. Just reading the storyline enticed me to read on so I’m sure it’ll really get you hooked on it fast with the fluid animation that the anime version offers The only bad thing about this anime is that there aren’t enough episodes made just yet. As of the year 2014, there is only one season. One of which is made up of 24 episodes, each with 30 minutes of thrill and curiosity. And there’s good news, the newest season will be out soon enough.

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Durarara, also known as DRRR, is a light novel written by Ryohgo Narita with illustrations made by Suzuhito Yasuda. It was made into an anime series in 2010. So far, there are only two seasons of this anime but worry not because these two seasons are still quite lengthy so you won’t be left with just cliffhangers. There are 24 episodes in a season and an each episode has a running time of 25 minutes. That gives you a total of 20 hours if you want to watch everything that has been released so far.

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It’s a thriller that has a mix of action and drama and it’s centers in on Mikado Ryugamine. Mikado is a boy that has longed for the adventurous and exciting life of the big city. It is for this reason that when the opportunity to live the life he’s dreamed appeared to him in the form of his friend’s invitation, he instantly jumped the chance and transferred to a school in Ikebukuro. Upon arriving in the big city, Mikado hears about the people to watch out for. These people are the dangerously unique people in the city which include an extremely strong man named Shizuo Heiwajima, an information broker named Izaya Orihara, and an invisible gang known as “The Dollars”. When this happened, he realized that he was getting what he wanted all along and this is where the story develops. Personally, I think the theme of this anime is different because it’s drama and action is created by the cruelties of humans in a real world scenario. What I mean by this is that it is not made by a war of super powered humans or an out-of-this-world event. It shows how crime and corruption is and what dangers these things bring.


So if you are amused by detective work, or some kind of different spin on the thrill of a “Sherlock Holmes” then this anime will definitely intrigue you. From reviews I’ve read online, they rated this anime an 8 out of 10. Although it wasn’t a perfect score for the reviews, it was the comments of people who’ve watched it that made me realized its quality and demand. Their comments usually revolved around the fact that they wanted more and that they cannot wait for the extension of this anime to be made and released. I vouch that this will surely be worth your time!

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The gundam series is a series that started in April of 1979 and was created by a studio called Sunrise Studios. It is specifically identified as a metaseries and the serial TV show was called Mobile Suit Gundam.

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Since the Mobile Suit Gundam version, there have been multiple timelines created and developed for the many versions that followed. These versions are namely the Future century, the after colony, the after war, the correct century, the cosmic Era, anno domini and the advanced generation timelines. This anime has caused quite a change with regards to human activities because it’s creation led the academics in Japan to view with enough inspiration to actually start up the first academic institution based solely on the animated TV series. They called this institution the International Gundam Society.  I founded this quite shocking because I never thought an anime could influence people enough to go through the trouble of establishing such a society just because of an anime. Nonetheless, I chose not to pass judgment about this and just view it as a sign of how good this anime is. Considering that time after time since its creation, it has been able to supply its audience with a fresh twist or storyline says a lot about the diversity and creativity of the humans behind this magnificent anime. The timelines may keep changing for this anime but the aspect that remains constant throughout every alternative timeline is the concept of the Gundams themselves. These Gundams are large humanoid shaped vehicles or robots that is controlled by a human from their cockpits. These cockpits are found in the torso area of the vehicle while its head holds the cameras that project the images to be used by the pilot in maneuvering around in the said gundam machine.


So far, there are 33 different Gundam movies and Gundam anime series. As I said earlier, these numbers show the support of their fans in terms of the demand they create for this anime. They have gained popularity to the point that having an original gundam toy that is unopened and untouched makes it very valuable and can potentially be sold as a collector’s item. I don’t know how you guys view it but I’m truly astounded by the achievements and the demand this Gundam franchise has created throughout its years of casting. I personally haven’t seen a full season of the anime but after finding out all these facts, I’m coming to realize that I might be the one missing out by not watching. I’ll definitely be updating myself with this amazing anime.

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Elfren Lied, also known as Erufen Rito, is an anime that start in 2004. Each episode runs for about 25 minutes and a season of this anime has only 13 episodes. This being said, it can be quite addictive in a way that it’s quick and easy to watch and catch up on but this isn’t the only reason why it might be addictive to watch. Another reason is the plot of the anime itself. It’s a mix of action, drama, fantasy, romance, and science fiction all at the same time.

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It centers in a new species of homo sapien that has mutated, a species of which they refer to as Diclonius. The Diclonius are believed to be the selected people that will eventually hand mankind its destruction. They have two horns sticking out of their heads and they also have the power of telekinesis. Due to this power, the humans feared them and tried to put them all away by capturing them and having them tested like animals. Like all stories that include the exile of a superhuman species, there is bound to be an escape of at least one to make the story line flow and the escapee, for this anime, came in a form of a lady Diclonius named Lucy. Lucy was already captured and being tested on until one day she manages to break free and violently murder all those who tortured her for so long. She didn’t leave the laboratory unscratched though because she eventually got shot in the head. Normal human beings would definitely be dead if any one of them got shot in the head, but since Lucy was a superhuman of some sort, she managed to survive and still drift along the to a beach wherein she meets two teenagers named Kouta and Yuka. The headshot erased her memories so she was seemingly dreaming when she met the two teenagers. They named her the only thing Lucy could say at that time and that was “Nyuu”. Thus, the story of Elfren Lied begins.


I’d tell you more about the story but reading it in words really isn’t much compared to seeing how the artists illustrated the drama and events of this anime. If you’ve liked what you’ve read so far, I suggest you start and catch up on this great anime. If my words aren’t enough, check out the ratings it’s received so far. I’m sure you’ll be as convinced as I am that this is definitely one anime to spend time on.

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Ghost in the Shell

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I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone tells me that have heard of the anime called Ghost in the Shell. It has been considered by a few to be one of the classics of anime and that’s saying a lot considering how many great anime there is in our day today. It was a Japanese media franchise that was originally published as a seinen mange series that was written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The manga has existed since the year 1989 but the anime adaptations of this famous manga came a couple of years later, specifically in the year 1995. The animation studio that spearheaded in change in presentation for Ghost in the Shell was Production I.G. They produced many different adaptions of Ghost in the Shell but it all started with their adaption in 1995 that had the same exact name and told the story of Section 9’s attempts to catch the master hacker with the alias of “Puppet Master”. The anime series featured on the television followed in 2002 and was called “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”. This story told a different storyline compared to the manga and the first film of 1995. Its story revolved around Section 9’s investigations regarding the government corruption in incidents called “the Laughing man” and the “Individual Eleven”. In 2013, they released another anime series that was entitled Ghost in the Shell: Arise. This series was separated featured its episodes in unusual release intervals. The first two episodes were released in 2013 while the third and final are yet to come. The expected date of release for the last two episodes is on June 28 of 2014. What I find interesting about this series is its advanced timeline. The fact that the main storyline that the adaptations follow was made in 1989 yet the plot is set in the mid-twenty first century, when the line between human life and mechanical life has already been blurred. There were many other adaptations, as stated earlier, and some examples of these adaptations are namely a re-release in 2008 called ghost in the Shell 2.0 and a release in 2004 named ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. The diversity of this anime really astounds me. It amazes me how one story is the root of all the other expansions, if you may call it that. I am a man who appreciates history and anime and this, this anime, is definitely a star in both categories.

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Claymore is a manga written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi. It is actually a transliteration of the word Kureimoa and it means the same thing. The manga was published on the Shonen Jump magazine. Its animated adaptation consisted of 26 episodes and was first aired on April 3rd 2007 and completed on September 25th of the same year. Nippon TV aired the animated adaptation of Claymore. The animated series or anime has most of its episodes based from the manga, although it has an alternate ending and although not all the manga chapters were included in the animation, it still is worth watching.

Claymore is about world where humankind is plagued with beings known as yoma or demon, and humanity’s only weapon against these yoma are Claymores. Claymores are half human and half yoma, they have silver eyes and only women are capable of being claymores. As the story progresses, more information regarding these claymore are disclosed. As more information is obtained the story becomes more complex and surprising, especially about Clare’s history.

Claymores answer to the organization. In order to avail of the services of a claymore, one must have a suitable amount of money. The claymores themselves do not usually collect the payment, as someone from the organization will afterwards.

The story starts out with a boy named Raki and how his family is killed by yoma disguised as a family member. After struggling with the yoma, Raki is saved by Clare, a claymore who so happened to be in the area. After being saved, Raki, after realizing he has nowhere to go, he follows Clare.


The series starts of plain and simple, but as you progress through the episodes, you will notice how the world they live in actually is quite larger than you will first suspect. Claymore contains a fair bit of blood and gores, which add to the different events that happen throughout the series. The final episode, can seem a bit inadequate, but nevertheless concludes the anime. A must read after watching the anime would be the manga since the story goes past where the anime ends.

The animated series itself is quite good and it depicts the manga quite well. However if you already watched the series then the manga might be for you since it will cover more ground than the animated series did. Claymore is not the type of show that will make you laugh consistently. Claymore is for more mature audiences and the storyline is quite serious and heavy.

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Ao No Exorcist

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Ao No Exorcist, which is more commonly known as the Blue Exorcist. After reading up on it, I realized how interesting the storyline of this anime is. It honestly made me think of a “star wars meets devil may cry” kind of story as I read through it. It centers upon a teenage boy named Rin Okumura. Rin has always had unique skills that give me abnormal strength and endurance. The secret of his super human abilities is exposed when Rin discovers that he is actually the son of Satan, the strongest and most feared of all the demons. His guardian named Father Shiro Fujimoto brought up Rin. Along the progression of the story, the father of Rin who is Satan kills Rin’s guardian in the form of Father Shiro Fujimoto. Fujimoto’s death was the trigger that made Rin decide what he wanted to do in the future and that is to be an exorcist to defeat and get at his devil of a dad, literally. Sadly, drawing the demon slaying blade, Kurikara, was one future Fujimoto wished Rin would not choose but due to the circumstances, Rin saw no other way to avenge his beloved mentor and guardian.


This act of choosing the life of an exorcist and yielding such a sword affected Rin in a way that he has permanently awakened a demonic power and this is seen in the changes in his physical appearance. At the moment of Rin’s choice to be an exorcist, he gained fangs, pointed ears, fiery horns and a tail. He also gained access to his amazing power to ingnite himself into blue flames that can practically destroy almost anything it touches.  Another plot twist is introduced in the story when Rin starts to learn how to be an exorcist as he enrolls in the prestigious True Cross Academy. The twist appears to be in a form of Rin finding out that his brother, Yukio, is already one of the veteran Exorcists and that Yukio will be one of the teachers to evaluate his progress to become an exorcism himself. I don’t want to share anymore about the storyline so if you found yourself imagining the events that I described above then maybe this anime would be worth your time. It’s unique plot and one of a kind theme really sets it apart from most anime I’ve seen. I’ll definitely take time to catch up with this anime series. Until next time!

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